2021 Registration for Basic Training

Utilize this form to register for Basic Training AFTER having registered as a Connect or FriendSpeak Worker.

In this three-hour workshop receive the basic training you'll need to utilize the LST approach in sharing your faith and your life with an international friend.  If you're utilizing this training for FriendSpeak or for an LST Project, this training also links you to LST Connect where you can serve a Reader online!  This seminar will cover the basic LST philosophy and methodology. 

The cost of this training is included in your registration to be an LST Worker (see next question).  We're adding additional training dates to this form on a regular basis.

Before attending LST online training we prefer participants to register as an LST Worker (LST Connect and/or FriendSpeak).  That form is HERE.

January 14, 2021 (Thur. 7-10 pm CST)
January 24, 2021 (Sun. 7-10 pm CST)
February 11, 2021 (Thur. 7-10 pm CST)
February 21, 2021 (Sun. 7-10 pm CST)
March 11, 2021 (Thur. 7-10 pm CST)
March 21, 2021 (Sun. 7-10 pm CST)
April 8, 2021 (Thur. 7-10 pm Central)
April 18, 2021 (Sun.7-10 pm Central)
May 6, 2021 (Thur.7-10 pm Central)
May 16, 2021 (Sun.7-10 pm Central)
June 3, 2021 (Thur.7-10 pm Central)
June 13, 2021 (Sun.7-10 pm Central)
July 8, 2021 (Thur.7-10 pm Central)
July 18, 2021 (Sun.7-10 pm Central)
August 5, 2021 (Thur.7-10 pm Central)
August 15, 2021 (Sun.7-10 pm Central)
September 2, 2021 (Thur.7-10 pm Central)
September 19, 2021 (Sun.7-10 pm Central)
Connect online with an LST-provided Reader.
Participate in my local FriendSpeak ministry.
Join an LST mission project (live or virtual).
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