LST Worker Funds Request

Occassionally LST Workers have funds remaining in their LST fundraising account/page.  This can occur because they raised funds above their fundraising goal, they dropped from their project, or their project was deferred.

LST's policy on the use of these funds follows IRS guidelines and gives Workers flexibility in their use but only via a formal request (this form).  The request must be made annually.

By December 15, any unused Worker funds will be released to LST unless the Worker submits this form.  Those funds will then become unavailable to the Worker.

For a copy of LST's policy on the use of these funds click HERE.

This request form may be filled out at any point until December 15.  Forms submitted after this date will not be considered, and all funds in that Worker account will be released to LST.



1. TO HELP ME GO ON A FUTURE LST PROJECT. I understand that a holdover fee will be assessed against my LST account to make these funds available in the next calendar year.
2. TO HELP ANOTHER WORKER GO (named below). I understand this Worker must have already applied, and that if the Worker isn't going this year a holdover fee will be assessed against my account .
3. TO EMPOWER THE GENERAL MINISTRY OF LST around the world this year.
4. A COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE (write-in below)
5. TO GO NEXT YEAR. I am 100% committed to going next year and will fill out an application to go by Dec. 15. No holdover fee will apply.
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